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    Using eNest Vue.JS Developers to Achieve Swifter Solutions

    Making Vue.js work for your business requires experienced developers but also a clear understanding of how to build functional web pages on a modern stack. Since we began initially as .NET developers years ago, our business has matured and accumulated a broad array of talented individuals.
    • Streamline project launches and implement a clear roadmap for reaching results.
    • We guarantee your satisfaction and dedicate ourselves to saving our partners time and money.
    • Achieve speed and scale with intelligent development to reach market more quickly.
    At eNest, we’re fully invested in creating successful outcomes for our partners. For proven offshore development capabilities and Vue.js experience, eNest is the right provider.
    • We develop creative and innovative solutions in Vue.js and related technologies to perfectly encapsulate your original ideas while serving up the best possible experience for your users. Fast, responsive pages that provide clear functionality in a modern aesthetic are our bread and butter, and we look forward to building them for your business.
    • eNest works with speed, using DevOps philosophies and practices to eliminate bottlenecks, reduce delays, and deliver more code at higher quality. Continuous delivery and integration practices ensure that a complete version of your product comes together as quickly as possible.
    • Our value-enriched services deliver a high degree of cost-effectiveness, especially when compared to the costs of seeking out and hiring all the necessary individuals as full-time employees. Savings of up to 60% are not uncommon among our past clients.
    • We always keep our clients fully connected and “in the loop” with project management software proven to work even for the largest enterprises and the most complicated developments. From knowing exactly what your engineers worked on for any given day to seeing what their workstation screen looks like right now, we make transparency a priority.
    • We select developers not only with a proven record of expertise in a specific technology such as Vue.js, but also those with a broad set of skills. When projects go in a different direction than anticipated, we shift to respond to those new needs appropriately. We don’t leave your business without access to the right skills.

    Scale with Speed and the Advantages of Vue.JS

    Vue.JS is a widely used frontend JavaScript framework for creating SPAs and other web resources with a heavy emphasis on user interaction. Similar in nature and structure to both React and Angular, Vue incorporates elements of both frameworks into its own unique approach to extending HTML and CSS through an enhanced JavaScript framework. Why should your business consider using Vue to develop or contribute to a project?
    • VueJS is exceptionally lightweight and quick to load, delivering superior page performance, especially for single-page applications. When providing a highly responsive user experience, an enterprise-levels of scale is one of the critical goals of your project, Vue provides an excellent platform.
    • Superior performance in applications intended to display robust transitions, page animations, and other on-screen elements of interactivity. Each of these elements enhances the experience the user has with the page. Not all frontend JavaScript frameworks support these elements so well, but Vue features built-in support.
    • Vue is easy to use for building pages from scratch, but it also integrates seamlessly into existing projects. Do you have an existing webpage already running on your servers that you hope to improve and update with new Vue-powered features? With access to developers of the appropriate skill level, achieving these goals is easy.
    • Vue enables rapid prototyping and reduced time to MVP release. Where other frameworks, such as Angular, may require more time to get up and running, Vue empowers teams to work with speed, scale, and intelligence to produce a minimum viable product that is ready for iteration and growth.
    • Progressive scaling is no longer a challenge to achieve with Vue. When your enterprise requires a highly functional app designed to serve thousands of users, Vue provides the components and tools necessary for rapid scaling in the right hands. When scaling down is necessary, Vue simplifies the rewriting process to reduce associated time and costs.

    Our 5 Step
    VueJS Development Process

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    needs and Goals

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    Development Process at eNest

    Scope Review

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    We provide a free estimate quote after taking the time to understand your goals!

    The Quote

    The Quote

    We deliver the quote within one business day after carefully reviewing the design files and specifications for small-sized projects (up to $3,000 in budget).

    Recent VueJS Development Projects


    Revolutionize your logistics and transportation operations with logistixAI, the premier platform for advancing your supply chain and delivery systems.


    The Drug Detection Agency offers 24/7 mobile drug testing and alcohol testing, training and education, substance use policy design in the workplace in NZ and Australia.

    Iron Mountain

    .Entrust your assets to the safeguarding experts; unlock their full value with the company dedicated to a lifetime of protection and prosperity.

    Razor Portal

    RazorERP is a cloud ERP solution that provides first-class inventory management and multi channel synchronization for eWaste, ITAD, brokers, and IT resellers.

    Frequently Asked Questions
    About VueJS Development

    Q: What is the primary architecture used by VueJS?

    A: VueJS is typically implemented in an MVVM architecture, also known as Model-View-Viewmodel. By relying on bidirectional data bindings, Vue simplifies the process of creating pages that instantly update in real-time in response to user actions or other events. This reactive data binding is one of Vue’s unique strengths, and it makes it especially suitable for frontend development. Vue works primarily in the View layer, and functions best when paired with additional frameworks to extend its functionalities.

    Q: What is a Virtual DOM, and why is it important?

    A: Short for Virtual Document Object Model, Vue’s incorporation of a VDOM is one of its unique strengths. In short, a VDOM is a method used for shortening the render time of a page by making the overall operation more efficient. A Vue-coded system determines during the render phase which components will require a change and which can stay the same using the VDOM. When the actual render takes place, the process is faster, making your pages more reactive and responsive to user input.

    Q: Which backend frameworks can we use with Vue?

    A: There are many potential options for supporting Vue pages on the backend, though some of the most popular include WordPress, Django, Laravel, and Firebase. Node.js and implementations such as Express.js also top the list in terms of lightweight solutions that enabled UI-heavy experiences. More content-focused sites may benefit from WordPress. With eNest, we can determine the appropriate solution based on the page you hope to build.

    Q: When should I choose a solution besides VueJS?

    A: If you have a particularly large-scale development project to undertake, you may find that Vue has some limitations which make it less suited to heavy-duty jobs. In such cases, an Angular development may prove more suitable. We consult with you to determine the best approach.

    For speedy, reactive pages that please your users and simplify the process of handling complex pages, Vue.js is tough to beat. How do you transform your ideas into a cost-effective web app, though? With eNest’s help, achieving your targeted outcomes at the right cost is no longer a major challenge. Whether your internal team requires a few dedicated Vue.js developers to augment your own internal skillset, or you prefer to transfer all development offshore, eNest has the resources ready to put to work. Learn more about the step-by-step process we use for hiring a developer or a dedicated team, or explore some fast facts using our FAQ page.

    Start a new team working on robust solutions to aid your business in scaling with speed and intelligence today. Achieve better outcomes when you explore flexible eNest engagement models today.

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