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No two businesses face software needs that are exactly alike. There is a large degree of variability in the development process, not to mention the many opportunities for customization, optimization, and the other improvements that lend your solutions a competitive edge. Planning appropriately for every project requires making the best use possible of the resources available to you. At other times, unexpected challenges or unforeseen circumstances add complications to development efforts.

eNest Technologies has helped a diverse array of businesses envision and execute successful projects in many development languages and frameworks since 2008. With rich connections to our local talent pool, we staff highly experienced developers eager to make valuable contributions to your company. Our team has built-in flexibility to meet any requirements from long-haul projects to offering critical assistance for a dash across the finish line for deployment.

Scaling Solutions to Support Any Project​

Flexibility is the core of the service we offer. Whether you need a few developers and the ability to exercise full control over their activities or you prefer to decentralize development throughout an entire product life cycle, eNest staffs accordingly — and cost-effectively, too. We offer several engagement models to suit varying requirements, and we make it simple to transition to a higher level of engagement when necessary.

Choose From A Variety Of Hiring Models

We offer the flexibility of choosing the best-fitted engagement model to all our clients.

Dedicated Team

If you have a project that needs dedicated attention or want software development service for a long-term basis, go for our dedicated team model, which is a pay-as-you-go service.

Fixed Price Model

If you have a project fully planned out, a fixed price model would be the perfect pick. It’s a one-time fixed price contract.



If your company needs ongoing work for an undefined number of projects, you can select our hourly pricing model. It is an hour-wise rolling contract, and you can pay as you go. 

Hourly Service​

When your business needs a simple and effective way to quickly augment your existing staff, our hourly rates are highly competitive. Whether you need five developers, fifteen, or more, eNest provides competent coders who are highly accessible and capable of working within any organizational framework you specify.

Our hourly services are ideal for:

• Supporting existing staff. Businesses that require additional expertise on an as-needed basis benefit from shoring up their capabilities with additional experience and technological know-how.

• Temporary support for high-intensity periods. Whether you must “crunch” to meet a challenging deadline or a strain on your architectures due to unprecedented demand, our hourly staffing contributes essential insights.

Project rescue. When your internal team encounters challenging problems, enjoy a fresh perspective. Augment your team with additional capabilities to push past the problem and innovate a new solution.

Month-to-Month Contracts​

Do you need a more dedicated team to assist your business in DevOps procedures over a longer-term? Whether you prefer not to maintain a large in-house team or require extensive capabilities for managing your company’s complex needs, eNest again responds quickly and provides a broader range of services to suit.

Advantages to our monthly engagement models include:

• Expert support staff are available to sit in on your meetings and play an active role in your organization. We provide in-depth answers, unique insights, and affordable development solutions.

• Up to 60% savings on salaries and benefits compared to maintaining a comparatively sized in-house team.

• More consistent and regular contributions to ongoing projects or development efforts.

Fixed-Price Projects​

Prefer to hand the controls over entirely to our team? We’ll be happy to step in and provide full-cycle development from the creation of initial prototypes through to agile deployments and QA support. Whether you need assistance in developing your brief or you have a clear view of the software solution you require, our fixed-price contracts:

• Offer a complete end-to-end solution, with a well-defined process for developing expectations, setting goals, and achieving milestones.

• Feature radical transparency, robust time tracking, progress reports, and a full slate of information, so our partners understand where their investment goes.

• Provide access to skills and expertise in an extensive range of technologies, including .NET, Java, iOS, and many more. Other project capabilities include data science, machine learning, cybersecurity, and process automation.

Selecting the Model Best for Your Business

No matter the solution you select, you can always count on consistency in the quality of the work we produce and our standards of communication. With extensive knowledge available in the specific technologies your business relies upon combined with speed and clarity of focus, a finished project is just around the corner. Find out how we can get you there today.

For an in-depth discussion about empowering your development practices with help from eNest Technologies, contact us now. We’re always ready to listen and learn about how we can best support your goals.

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