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eNest helps Marcus Arkan launch bug-free calculator products and implement lots of enhancement features based on their customers’ needs.
To date, we have used calculators that solved the fundamental mathematical problems for us. For decades calculators have been used to solve complex and straightforward mathematics calculations. Still, there is a collective recognition that calculators cannot solve all the problems that we face in our day-to-day life, which requires precise formulas that might not be in our conscious memory. The struggle and complexity of not knowing, say – how many grams in a pound? What is your calorie intake? Or whether you should lease or buy business equipment? Such questions seem simple, but the exact numerical answer is calculative, and it requires a proper methodical structure and the right formula to solve it.

For this, innovation in the field was a mandate. Since, calculations should not be restricted only to addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. calculators’ availability ranges from health queries to unit conversions and provides the best money-saving strategies, retirement advice, lifestyle tools, and much more. helps you make informed decisions; they translate obscure lingo with a concentration of the latest research and instant solutions.

eNest Development Team

About GetCalculators was founded in 2019 to provide the solution for daily life calculation problems. provides some extraordinary services of types of calculators, e.g.:- Health, Business, Insurance, Math, Physics, Mortgage, Tax, and Savings. These services help the end-users to solve their calculation-related problems. has been crafted in such a way that its site is a web-app and the web application has different versions for Desktop, Mobile, and iPad.

This can be used for various purposes:
Web Application: With the web application, users can customize their calculation-related tasks according to their specific requirements. The users can perform calculation-related functions as per their needs by entering the required inputs for the calculation, process the input, and generate the result in the form of tables and charts. These will then create reports, and those can be shared with others via email or social sharing features.

Mobile: also provides a mobile version to provide users with an exceptional user experience. The mobile device of offers a different UI and has an “Add To Home Screen” feature which gives them an app-like experience.

Client Profile

Marcus Arkan, CEO of

Client Requirement MVP had to be launched as a basic web version of calculators features such as Conversion, Loan, Lifestyle, and Savings calculators. Marcus Arkan wanted to add more calculators after the basic MVP achieved the desired results and gained success. After the primary MVP success, the second requirement was to add more calculators with solutions to calculation problems (Math, Mortgage, Physic, Tax, Health, and Investments.) There was also a requisite for developing new features like mobile-friendly UI/UX, export reports in PDF, social sharing, and add to the home screen, which generates traffic from the mobile devices.

Business Situation

With the availability of multiple calculation platforms, which only helped solve the fundamental calculation problems, wanted to stand out. developed the business around solving the problem of calculation of every platform supports a user-friendly UI/UX for web, mobile, and tablet users, everything in one application.

There is no such platform that provides calculation solutions to every type of calculation problem along with a simplified and user-friendly UI/UX.

Why GetCalculators?

The main objective of providing this solution was to provide a platform where calculations, whether complex or straightforward, could be managed efficiently and effectively. Every mathematics calculation used in day-to-day life or otherwise requires precise formulas to reach the core solution by identifying the core variable. identifies the core variable and the core problem for any calculation-related problem to reach a conclusive calculation-related solution. The model of has been developed in such a way that its deliverables offer – understanding and solving obscure lingo, achieving a result after concrete research, and providing fun tools to help you find instant solutions. has been crafted such that it is a site that works as a web-app for the convenience of its customers. The web app caters to its customer’s calculation needs, be it – Conversion, Insurance, Health, Investment, Lifestyle, Mortage, Physics, Taxes, Savings, and so on. The craft and development of are unlike any other, which allows people to convert files into PDF and also add a specific calculator on their mobile “Home screen.” The inclusivity of multiple calculators gives exclusivity to

Features Offered

Easy Search calculators: eNest team added multiple calculators on the homepage. This feature allowed users to search for a calculator as per their requirements.

Add to the Home Screen: Add calculators to the mobile home screen” was another feature that was added for the user’s. was provided with a shortcut where users can add a calculator to their mobile home screen and use it as a mobile application.

Export Reports in PDF: Under this we added a feature that allowed the users to export calculation results into PDF format. The PDF format then further could be shared on email for reference.

Copy To clipboard: Under this feature, the we added “copy to clipboard” functionality. This feature allowed users to copy the results if need be. Currently, the feature is available for conversion calculators.

Social Sharing: In this, the eNest implemented calculators that users can share with their friends and relatives using social sites.

Conversion Calculators : In this task, eNest accomplished conversion calculators for users. Under this feature, users can convert one type to another using the calculator.

Some of the common conversion calculators available are:

  • Area conversion calculator
  • Density conversion calculator
  • Grams to pounds conversion calculator
  • Kb to Mb conversion calculator
  • Mbps to Kbps conversion calculator
  • Newton units conversion calculator
  • Pixels to inches conversion calculator
  • Siemens unit converter (Conductance)


  • Page Load Speed: With more than 300 calculators, one main challenge was to manage the page loading speed. Since slow speed in the 5G era could lead to a downfall, it was mandatory to implement a solution to curb slow page load speed. The solution for page load speed was implemented with a lazy loading and chunk system to improve the initial load time by delivering the content required by the current page only.
  • Production Build Size: Another challenge was to support three platforms which required coding for three different platforms but in an integrated format. To solve this problem, the team used React, which helped in reusing the code for different parts of the application.
  • Calculation Accuracy: Calculators require precision and accuracy, and maintaining the calculator’s accuracy was a challenge and a responsibility. Due to which each calculator went through rigorous testing with different types of data and tests.
  • SEO: For SPA applications, SEO was also a challenge since SPA applications render on the client-side (browser) instead of the server. To solve this, server-side rendering was implemented, which generates the page on the server and delivers the page as HTML.
  • PWA: One of the challenges was to PWA. But the concept of PWA was successfully implemented to use the web application as a mobile app with offline support.

eNest Team

Location: Mohali, Punjab
Partnership Period: November, 2019 – September, 2020
Team Size: 2
Team Location: Mohali, Punjab


Product Development and Testing


Frontend technologies: ReactJS

Backend: NodeJs

Integrations: React Material UI, React Redux, NodeJS + Express, React Helmet and React loadable for SSR

Database: MongoDB

Server: AWS Ec2, S3 Bucket

Things Learned


Key Customer Value

    • The product has been made suitable for all business types, i.e., Educations, Banking, and Finance Management, Health-Related Services, etc.


    • The product has been made compatible for calculation with accuracy.


  • PDF format for future reference for loan and saving calculations reference especially could be saved by the users.


    • is the only platform that can solve all types of calculation-related problems.


    • The platform is one where the customers can create a shortcut to their favorite calculator and be used as a mobile app.


Project Team (L to R): Kamal Singh, Param Singh, Jagdeep Chawla

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