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RazorERP is a cloud ERP solution that provides first-class inventory management and multi channel synchronization for eWaste, ITAD, brokers, and IT resellers.

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About Razor Portal

RazorERP is a cloud ERP solution that provides first-class inventory management and multi-channel synchronization for eWaste, ITAD, brokers, and IT resellers. Their full suite of service offerings enables customers to quickly and efficiently adopt the software and focus on building their business instead of running their business. It equips electronics recycling operations through warehouse management and seamless recycling workflows.

Client Profile

Robert Tokarchyk is the Chief Executive Officer & Co-Founder at RazorERP based in Wilmington, Delaware.

Client Requirement

Client required a technological revamp of the existing ERP portal to the latest technology stack from the performance and code maintainability point of view. The new portal requires a total change in UI making it more user interactive.

Business Situation

They provide high-quality software to small and medium-sized businesses that are under-served by larger enterprise software platforms. The software is in a constant state of continuous improvement by incorporating the feedback of its customers into every new product iteration. Their full suite of service offerings enables their customers to quickly and efficiently adopt the software and focus on building their business instead of running their business.

Why Razor Portal?


Features Offered

Comprehensive Inventory Management: One of the central features of RazorERP is its inventory management system. This includes various functionalities like backordering, inventory control and optimization, order management, and pricing management. It is designed to provide businesses with the ability to efficiently track and manage their inventory levels, sales, orders, and deliveries.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM): The CRM component of RazorERP enables businesses to manage interactions and relationships with their customers effectively. This feature is crucial for maintaining existing customer relationships and fostering new ones, thereby helping businesses grow their customer base and increase revenue.

Warehouse Management: The software also includes a warehouse management system, which is essential for businesses that need to streamline their warehouse operations. This feature helps in better inventory control, ensuring that orders are fulfilled efficiently and accurately.

Multi-Channel Sales Integration: RazorERP provides multi-channel sales integration, allowing businesses to synchronize their sales across different channels. This is particularly beneficial for businesses that operate on various online and offline platforms, as it helps in managing sales more cohesively.

Order Fulfillment and Shipping: Order fulfillment and shipping are key components of RazorERP, helping businesses to manage their supply chain effectively. This includes features like tracking shipments and managing the logistics of order delivery.

Reporting and Analytics: RazorERP comes equipped with reporting and analytics tools that provide insights into various aspects of the business, such as sales performance, inventory levels, and customer behavior. These insights are crucial for making informed business decisions.

Deployment and Accessibility:

  • Cloud-Hosted and Web-Based: RazorERP is a cloud-hosted, web-based application, meaning it can be accessed from anywhere, provided there is an internet connection.
  • Windows Compatibility: The platform supports Windows environments, making it accessible to a wide range of users.
  • Customization and Mobile Support: RazorERP offers customization options to fit specific business needs and mobile support for on-the-go access.

User Reviews and Considerations:

While RazorERP offers a range of features, it’s important to consider user feedback. Some users have reported challenges with the software’s intuitiveness and customer service. This highlights the importance of evaluating whether RazorERP aligns well with your specific business processes and needs. Additionally, considering alternatives or competitors can provide a broader perspective and help in making an informed decision.

In conclusion, RazorERP presents a comprehensive solution for inventory management and multi-channel sales integration for small to medium-sized businesses in specialized sectors. However, as with any ERP solution, it’s critical to assess its compatibility with your business requirements, usability, and the level of support provided.



  • Setting up a multi-tenant project that connects to the database in real time based on the company URL
  • Set up AG-Grid with custom filtering, state saving, and syncing throughout the application
  • Using RabbitMq to fetch files for ordersMade a custom context menu for AG-Grid to show and download reports for the order.

eNest Team

Location: Mohali, Punjab
Partnership Period: November, 2019 – September, 2020


Product Development and Testing


Frontend: React, HTML, CSS, JavaScript

Backend: ASP.net Core, Web API, C#

Things Learned


Key Customer Value

  • RazorERP provides inventory management for eWaste
  • Streamlines users’ quote and order processing of goods or services and increases efficiency
  • It is used to create freight plans, assign resources, designate orders, and optimize the trucking routes.
  • It connects through  FedEx, UPS, and USPS account to streamline the user’s sales order fulfillment process.
  • It helps to maintain data through historical reporting and build custom reports according to user requirement


Project Team (L to R): Kamal Singh, Param Singh, Jagdeep Chawla

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