Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the procedure for hiring dedicated resources from eNest?

A: Our work engagement process has been formulated over a decade of experience in providing enterprise software lifecycle management, system administration, and cybersecurity protection.

We start our engagements with an in-depth discussion to analyze your needs and to understand your goals. We work with you to determine the proper staffing strategy after completing a comprehensive review of the project details. This assessment allows us to understand what it will take to make your software build a success! We will demonstrate our ability to effectively communicate that we understand your software development, system administration, and desired project management communication protocols.

Once we finalize your goals for hiring a developer or building a dedicated team, we will proceed by providing you with a list of eNest engineers and project managers to interview. The resources we suggest will match the skill set needed to fill your goals that we learned about in the intake discussion.
After the intake discussion, we will match you with the engineers and project managers to make your project a success.

Once you meet the prospects, we will discuss milestone deliverables to set realistic pricing for the efforts to deliver your project on budget and on time.

Our onboarding steps:
1. Intake discussion to learn about your requirements and goals
2. Engineer and Project Manager Interview
3. Service price quotation
4. MSA and SLA Agreement Negotiation
5. Project kick-off

Q: Can I hire monthly resources or is an annual contract mandatory?

A: Yes, we are extremely flexible with our ability to handle projects of any size. Our hiring procedures internally are prepared to handle Hourly, Daily, Monthly, Quarterly, and Yearly engagements.
We also offer a trial period for you to evaluate our services.

Q: Will you provide client references?

A: Absolutely, Yes!
We have many clients that will attest to our working relationship and the results they have obtained working with eNest.

Q: Is there a Project Manager to supervise the resources?

A: Yes. We have certified PMI®-PMP® candidates for your review. You will be in direct communication daily with your Project Manager(s). Your PM’s are able to attend and even lead your regular scheduled staff meetings. Your PM will be an extension of you able to tackle the toughest project challenges with the attention to detail necessary to ensure successful software sprints and builds.

Q: Is there an option of replacement in case of dissatisfaction with any resources?

A: Yes, all staffing services are available to be replaced. During the service agreement period if you are having any concerns or are not satisfied with your resource performance you can communicate with your Project Manager and we will handle accordingly. The CEO of our company Jagdeep Chawla will be available to you if necessary. Your satisfaction is our #1 priority!

Q: Are there any additional charges related to the hiring of dedicated resources with eNest?

A: All charges for eNest staffing services and one time work performed will be documented in our MSA and SLA agreements. We will clearly advise if any software or hardware licensing fees are needed when applicable.

Q: How long does it take for the on-boarding process?

A: To hire a single developer it typically takes 48hrs from the initial contact. To build a team with eNest engineers it may take 1-2 weeks to configure the optimal team members for your project(s). Once the engineers are selected they will begin to work at your discretion.

Q: Is there an option of providing resources who work in flexible shifts?

A: Yes, we will allocate the resource based on your desire and they will be flexible for your needs. One major benefit of working with us is that each team member has full access to our R&D department to assist with any skills or technologies they may need help with.

Q: What is the reporting process of the work done? Do I get access to project management software and timesheet reports?

A: Our client reporting process is what sets us apart from our competitors. Each project is managed with client communication being the #1 focus. We take great pride in effective project communication. We believe that we are an extension of you and that you must be informed of all work progress.  
We use a project management software-based approach with a real-time developer work-log reporting application so your knowledge of our work is 100% transparent.

Q: How can I make payments to eNest?

A: We accept all major credit cards, Paypal, ACH and Bank wires. We’re experimenting with CashApp and Venmo

Q: How long will it take you to staff my project?

A: Based on your skills requirements and complexity of the project, we suggest the suitable resources from our team. Once you interview and finalize the resource, we are ready to start your project immediately and this process from our side won’t take more than a week.

Q: If I hire someone for the 2-week trial and don’t keep them, what happens?

A: The purpose of the 2 week trial is for us to demonstrate our technical competence and our effective communication. It is our goal for you to experience working with us as we aim to become your long term software development partner.

Q: What if I hire someone, and then 6 months down the road they are not performing to my standards, then what?

A: We believe that your satisfaction is the key to our business growth. We are very diligent in our recruiting, hiring, and staffing processes. We try to match your needs to our engineering team resources. Each member of your team has to be the right fit and we will do whatever it takes to ensure 100% complete client satisfaction.

Q: I’ve never hired a remote worker before, how will I manage them? Keep them motivated? Monitor them?

A: We are well experienced in working remotely. We are comfortable in attending daily calls on your preferred communication platform. We’ll discuss every point and issue to make our relationship smoothly working. To monitor our tasks there are some trackers like upwork, hubstaff and daily meetings as well.

Q: What types of roles are you able to fill?

A: We are able to fill the positions for entire software development life cycle including
- Management Consulting
- Project Manager
- Project Leader
- Solution Architect
- DevOps Engineer
- Senior Software Engineer
- Junior Engineer
- System Analyst
- QA Analyst
- Automated QA Tester
- Data Scientist
- UI/UX Designer
- Technical Scope Document Writer

Q: What are the benefits of outsourcing?

A: Here are some of the benefits you will get when outsourcing your project
- Scale with ease
- Spend less time recruiting
- Competitive pricing
- Get resources with diverse skill sets
- Access to R&D Department
- Augment internal team

Q: What if I'm not sure of what kind of service I need?

A: Give us a call and we can have a deep discussion about your requirements and goals. Based on our discussion, we can identify your needs and suggest the kind of service you want and provide them.

Q: What is a dedicated development team?

A: A dedicated team consists of a Project Manager, Software Architect, Senior Software Engineer, Business Analyst, QA Tester, and UI/ UX designer. All members of dedicated development can dedicate their full-time for your project, discuss every point with each other, understand the requirements and execute that in a planned manner and participate in every meeting.

Q: What if I would like to request a pilot project before signing a contract?

A: Whether the project is small or large, we will do our best to provide the quality output. And that is one of the advantages for us to show our skills and get your trust before sign a contract

Q: What is the lead time required to ramp up the resources?

A: Typically it takes 1 – 2 days to hire a dedicated developer and 3-4 business days to conduct the interview process to build a dedicated team.

Q: I need a large team would you offer discounts?

A: Yes, we are quite capable of staffing large teams. We have several accounts that have 20+ full time engineers.

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