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    eNest enables high performance software development teams at scale .

    Dedicated Team - enest

    Custom-tailored to you

    Flexible web, mobile, API, and desktop applications custom-tailored to match your business requirements

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    A 100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee

    Power your team with our certified engineers

    Augment your current team with additional technological skill sets

    R&D solutions

    Solutions to your company’s most difficult problems with our extensive Research and Development team

    Cross-platform development

    Fast, affordable, and reliable development solutions in APIs, mobile environments, and web applications

    Easy scaleabl teams

    Easily scale up your team with 1 to 20 engineers available to attend regular staff meetings

    Our Expertise will be your Competitive Advantage

    to get a Competitive Advantage


    Full cycle DevOps and SecOps engineers that will bring project setup to new heights

    Data Scientist

    Here at eNest, we help our clients with developing complex algorithms and predictive models to help their business grow.

    Artificial Intelligence

    AI will ensure product growth according to the market requirements and help your business stay up-to-date.


    Creating an application from scratch by using our Front-end and Back-end forces ensures a high-quality product as an outcome.


    Our developers understand the importance of the companies of having maximum online performance in spite of the growing share of the only-mobile users.

    Cyber Security

    Get your data centred, software or network protected by our cyber-security specialists which will search for vulnerabilities and risks on both software and hardware.

    We can staff your organization
    for the following IT roles

    Solution Architect

    These professionals work with organizations to assist them in improving their systems and processes.

    Technical Manager​

    Balancing act of managing technical processes  along with using technical skills to provide the necessary environment for project success.

    Project Manager

    Plan, organize and direct the completion of different projects on time for a company or organization.

    Technical Manager​

    Balancing act of managing technical processes  along with using technical skills to provide the necessary environment for project success.

    Infrastructure Solutions Engineer

    The engineers are responsible for the design, coordination and maintenance of IT infrastructure.

    Robotic Process Engineer

    Surinder Singh eNestit

    Professionals have automation experience and are responsible for designing, building and testing software

    DevOps Engineer

    Engineers responsible for plan, development, test and deployment of software products.

    Full Stack Developer

    Computer science professionals who leverage the knowledge of programming to build efficient software products.

    UI/UX Designer

    Professionals for designing and implementing experiences a user has when using specific software.

    Quality Control Engineer

    Jatin Dhir

    Responsible for evaluation of new products to make sure they are durable, reliable and functional.

    Technical Lead

    Managing technical aspect of complex enterprise software development flow & ensure success of delievery solutions.

    Full Stack Developer

    Computer science professionals who leverage the knowledge of programming to build efficient software products.

    eNest is competitive with
    Average Software Developer
    Salaries from around the Globe

    eNest builds high performance software development teams at scale by managing the entire software lifecycle.

    $ 107 , 909
    $ 91 , 878
    $ 83 , 993
    $ 79 , 407
    $ 75 , 198
    $ 63, 713
    $ 61 , 336
    $ 59 , 700
    $ 45 , 000

    Powering Your Business
    Most Important Operations

    Maintain Flexibility

    Powerful end-to-end solutions for agile software development to respond to rapidly changing needs in your market.

    Economical Solutions

    We offer more cost-effective solutions for deploying your resources. In other words, we help our clients achieve more with fewer resources.

    Tailored Approach

    Custom software explicitly designed to meet your needs. We know there are no “one size fits all” approaches to development — and we provide the power to create what you need.

    How Our Dedicated Teams Deliver Value

    What about our capabilities specifically makes us the right choice for a dedicated development team?

    Trust between you and your provider is essential, as it lays the foundation for creating the results that will make a difference in a business’s undertakings. Over our years in business, we’ve created a battle-tested process for creating the results you need to see from a dev team.

    What makes eNest the right choice for shifting your development resources outside of your office?

    Our veteran programmers and development cycle managers lend us a competitive edge and ensure we can provide our business partners with the best level support possible. To that end, proving our value is just as important as proving our skill.

    How do we make your investment do more?

    From the initial assembly of your team to the final deliverable, we’re here to organically support your goals as an important arm of your business.

    Dedicated Team Building

    What makes eNest the right choice for shifting your development resources outside of your office?

    Engineering Team

    Our team is responsible for keeping your branding consistent and supporting projects with intuitive GUI design and layout production. Our design team members typically have more than a decade of experience.

    Client Success Manager

    Your project manager will always be experienced in the technology or framework used in the project. Our client managers have 8+ years of experience and expertly conduct communications to keep you “in the know” at all times.

    Operations Team

    A highly experienced team of support professionals tasked with keeping your web applications up and running while handling all third-party tasks, such as hosting.

    User Experience eNest

    User Experience

    Our experienced team offers a world-class user experience that helps companies drive growth and scale. We follow amazing UX practices to endow our clients with an extraordinary customer experience.

    Technical Leads

    Coordinates with the development and design teams and work to keep the development team on target and within the proposal’s scope.


    Quality Assurance

    Streamline your company’s process with our dedicated team’s help, which introduces an efficient quality assurance process and ready to take up projects of any complexity and scale.

    Future-proof Your
    Business with a Dedicated Software Development Team

    Even with cutting-edge software taking the business world by storm and continuing to grow in complexity, we hit milestones, meet deadlines, stay on budget, and do it all while remaining fully transparent and highly communicative.

    To bring a dedicated team on board to support your business as you explore and develop new solutions to achieve growth goals, contact eNest now.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    The dedicated team model is an engagement strategy where eNest Technologies provides clients with a team that focuses solely on their project. This team works closely with the client, acting as an extension of their in-house staff, and is managed directly by the client, allowing for flexibility, seamless integration, and alignment with project goals.
    Hiring a dedicated team from eNest Technologies offers numerous advantages, including tailored expertise, cost efficiency, and enhanced focus on your project. This approach ensures access to a wide array of skills and technologies, enables easy scalability as project demands change, and allows businesses to concentrate on their core operations. At the same time, eNest’s team handles the technical development, driving innovation and accelerating time-to-market.
    Hiring a dedicated team can provide businesses with solutions tailored to their unique needs. This approach allows access to a pool of IT experts who can improve team performance, foster innovation, and ensure project success through their expertise and commitment to delivering positive results.
    Hiring a dedicated team is committed to improving effectiveness by introducing technical knowledge and skills to ensure efficient and effective work. Their focus is on enabling faster change, better problem-solving, and better understanding of project plans, ultimately leading to better results and time.
    Businesses should consider hiring a dedicated team for their IT needs to benefit from having a team invested in the project’s success. This model allows projects greater flexibility and control, leading to innovation and better performance. It also has the added benefit of having a dedicated team to meet specific needs and business goals.

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