How can Aviation Industry Leverage Dedicated IT Resources in 2021?

– Did you know, service-based IT companies have captured 60% of the revenue ratio in the product-service-based companies?

According to a report presented by ‘Technology and Services Industry Association’ in 2020, the revenue ratio between the product and service IT-based companies has overturned towards service-based IT companies. As per TSIA’s report, The State of Managed Services,’ of the top 50 most prominent tech companies, they found out that the market has flipped towards the IT service company, with them comprising 60% of the revenue.

The pandemic has caused a rampant shift in every facet of life, and no business or industry has gone untouched by it. The mentality around the world has altered to adapt to the “new normal” amidst which only a few sectors/industries (like healthcare and IT) were able to gorge a positive effect.
IT professionals’ need for software outsourcing, remote development work, and hiring a dedicated team for IT solutions has increased manifolds during this time.

What is a dedicated IT team?

A dedicated IT team is a business model where the company has a partnership with clients to develop their software needs and smoothly run their business. This model ensures that the client’s technological requirements are bridged by providing them with specialists with chosen skill sets and experience. The business model is a client-service provider which assigns team experts to evaluate business and simultaneously boosts performance.
The model is one of the most suitable models for businesses with dynamic requirements during the development phase. Such a dedicated IT team will render expert guidance to the project that lacks it otherwise and will ensure a seamless development process.

A dedicated IT team in terms of - cost, time, and scope.

Even though it may sound like having a dedicated IT team for the development and execution process can provide rigidity, in fact, it is the opposite of it. It instead provides flexibility since the dedicated software development team model is a cooperative model.
What is a Dedicated IT Team?


A dedicated IT team follows the “right the first time” approach to provide cutting-edge solutions to any of your technological problems. Hiring a dedicated IT team will add to your advantage since it will work as your own and communicate, learn and adapt according to the requirements. The model will ensure that clients receive the proposed product.


The development of a website or a software product usually takes a lot of time and a considerable talent pool investment. Hiring a dedicated IT team can provide you with experienced C developers or a knowledgeable MySQL architect who can accelerate your business’s growth without you having to spend hours on either finding a skilled talent pool or developing it yourself.


Hiring a dedicated IT team could reduce the cost by up to 60% on board compared to the schemes such as in-house and development.

How a dedicated IT team is the best choice for the aviation industry?

The processes involved in executing a single safe flight encompass numerous procedures and complex technology crafted with expertise. The entirety of the aviation industry boils down to the execution of a perfect and safe flight experience. Whenever an organization hires leadership services, their expertise weaves an interactive model under which implementation and replication of exact requirements could be made. In the aviation industry, the processes of identifying, prioritizing, and establishing mitigation and hazard plans hold utmost importance. Apart from this, aligning managerial processes, alert generation, and information-providing processes also require proper software development to work.
If any one of these processes fails to be executed properly, it could produce highly fatal results. Thus, the development and integration of customized software to ensure the smooth running of all the processes are extremely important for the aviation industry.
The aviation industry can benefit largely from hiring a dedicated IT team to develop and streamline the aviation process. From managing ground services to runaway analysis to planning trips and flights till automating the techniques used for flying. IT executives can handle critical businesses with ease to provide growth and safety tools.

eNest Building Aviation Software Solutions

Aviation Industry is a broad term that encompasses all the aspects that govern and facilitates air travel. The aviation industry requires operations to be performed, which further requires technology to be executed. eNest being an IT Staffing company has worked exclusively and exhaustively with the aviation industry to develop technologies in n- number of aviation industry sectors to facilitate the processes’ smooth functioning.
eNest’s dedicated IT aviation team has worked as the brains behind developing the technologies for significant aviation players. Our team’s extensive work range in varied sectors and domains. Some of them are:
  • Planning Flights: This multidisciplinary model has to have accuracy and speed till the end of time. For which a lot of intermediary processes take place. Aviation software developers developed an integrated, expert-level application to manage the following:
    • Planning leg for the trip.
    • Ground Services.
    • Creating, mapping, and filing accurate routes worldwide for accurate flight plans.
    • Runway analysis for flight.
    • Integration of location and weather estimation.
    • Providing services for passengers before and after landing.
    • Report generation for estimation of ETEs, fuel burning, weight, and balance to make critical decisions.

  • Estimating the Cost for Trip: Under this domain, the specialized aviation team developed a system to estimate a total cost for flight and trips that includes various fields like fuel cost, etc., was put in place, providing an estimation of cost for multiple leg flights for the organization’s internal use.

  • Security Level: The aviation team developed a security and threat level detection application that alerts the passengers of the curfew areas and helps them identify and distinguish areas with low security, high threat to high-security low threat.

Front-end :-

Angular, React JS, Vue JS, CSS, SCSS, Javascript, JQuery, KendoUI, Bootstrap, Knockout JS, Material UI, HTML 5, D3 JS.

Back-end :-

ASP.Net, ASP.Net Core, MVC, WebAPI, C#, ASP.Net WebForms, SignalR, Unit Test Cases, WPF, WCF.

ORM :-

Dapper, Entity Framework, Entity Framework Core, Linq to SQL, NHibernate, Peta Poco.

Cloud Services :-

App Services, Blob Storage, Service Bus, CI/CD, Web Job, Relay Service, EC2, SES, SQS, Azure functions, Lambda functions, S3 Bucket.

Database :-

MS SQL Service, Mongo DB, Oracle, DynamoDB, My SQL, Cosmo DB, Raven DB, SQL live.

Integrations :-

Google Map, Timatic, Euro Control, Sendgrid, Mix Panel, Twilio, QuickBooks, Intact, Constant Contact, Dropbox, Google Adwords, Google Analytics, Hubspot, Salesforce.

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