OCR for Streamlined Customs and Compliance Procedures

By 2027, the global e-commerce market number will increase by 39% yearly. This means more people will buy online from different places, leading to increased operational pressure on customs points. Implementing optical character recognition and AI in this sphere will change the game. Both markets have much in common: spending on artificial intelligence will increase […]

Future Trends in Aviation Logistics: AI and Automation


“AI is going to be everywhere.” This is what Tassio Carvalho, a senior manager at American Airlines, declared recently at the Connected Aviation Intelligence Summit. According to his vision, aviation companies will employ AI to help humans in different domains, from customer support to aircraft maintenance. ‘ In this article, we shall discuss future trends […]

AI-Powered Route Optimization for Air Cargo


Back in 2018, a trio of start-uppers came to Alaska Airlines at the invitation of their friend. Their job was autonomous driving. They came to explore if the artificial intelligence models they develop can be used in aviation route optimization. What they saw there was surprising… In this article, we shall discuss how the ending […]

AI-Driven Predictive Maintenance for Aircraft


The global aircraft fleet is expected to reach 38,0000 by 2033. Since the maintenance of every piece of aircraft is costly and complex, adopting AI in aviation is inevitable. Today, industry leaders like Boeing, Airbus, and Lufthansa rush to implement AI in aircraft maintenance procedures and build up massive subdivisions like Lufthansa Technik that implement […]

Enhancing Efficiency in Logistics: The Role of OCR and AI

According to the McKinsey report, the US economy only loses up to 95% billion US dollars a year due to delivery delays. These numbers arise from lost parcels, miscommunication, or long parcel processing. AI technology promises to minimize losses and enhance the productivity of operations. AI solutions and OCR make logistic processes faster, more innovative, […]

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