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What Is AWS?

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is the world’s most comprehensive and widelypreferred cloud computing service provider.

AWS offers more services than any other cloud platform – from infrastructure technologies such as computing, storage, and databasesto emerging technologies such as machine learning and artificial intelligence, data lakes and analytics, and IoT.

Launched in 2002, it only consists of a very limited set of tools initially. But over the years, it has significantly grown and become the leading provider in the cloud computing world.

As a matter of fact, it now offers over 200 fully featured cloud computing products and services from data centers worldwide.

The top three are:

Millions of businesses and organizations globally choose Amazon as their cloud platform provider.In effect, Amazon controls more than a third of the cloud industry – far outpacing its competitors.

Startups, enterprises, private organizations, and government agenciesare using AWS to build faster websites or mitigate cyber security threats, hence reducing costs, becoming more agile, and innovating faster. The opportunity and benefits that AWS provides are enormous. 

Today, AWS services contact centers, containers, databases, media, storage, robotics, and more. You’re hard-pressed to find a problem for which AWS does not have a first-party solution.

Who Uses AWS?

AWS wouldn’t be able to achieve such remarkable status if it weren’t for its immense customer base.

Because of its advanced technology and its host of customizable services, AWS is apt for every type of business – small or big, start-upor Fortune 500 company.

In fact, millions of businesses across an array of industries turn to AWS for their second-to-none cloud product suite.Whether it’s eCommerce companies, medical institutions, banks, television networks, technology giants, food and product manufacturers, or government agencies, various organizations are using AWS to develop, deploy and host applications.

Here are some of the biggest companies that implement Amazon’s cloud tools:

Adobe, Airbnb, Bank of America, BMW, Canon, Coursera, Disney, ESPN, Expedia, Harvard Medical School, Hitachi, IMDb, Lamborghini, Lonely Planet, Lyft, McDonald’s, NASA, Netflix, Nordstrom, Pfizer, Philips, Pinterest, Reddit, Samsung, Shell, Sony, SoundCloud, Spotify, Unilever, WeTransfer, and many more.

Why Choose AWS For Your Next Project?

Organizations across every industry and of every sizeare running every possible use case on AWS. Undeniably, the use of AWS is evidently widespreadbecause of the benefits it offers including:


AWS is built to be the most secure cloud computing platform today, which is backed by a deep set of cloud security tools. Its core infrastructure is designed to complete the security requirements of global banks, the military, and other high-sensitivity organizations.

Arguably, AWS is more secure than a company hosting its own website or storage. It also provides more security as compared to a company’s own hosted website or storage.

AWS has a hoard of different data centers in remote locations, to which intruders can’t obtain access as they are located in out-of-the-way sites. Hence, all the information, identities, applications, and devicescontained therein are safe from intrusions. Authorities are only allowed access on an essential basis.

Because of its scattered across-the-globe design, if an unauthorized attack occurs in one of the regions, it won’t cause a total data loss worldwide. And with Amazon’s extensive experience in cloud services, potential attacks can be quickly confined and alleviated. On the other hand, the same can’t be guaranteed for a small company whose cloud computing is managed by a single IT specialist.

In fact, Netflix has closed its major data centers and moved its entire IT operations to AWS. Several enterprises have also gone all-in with AWS. This just validates their trust in Amazon’s cloud platform. This level of commitment speaks volumes about the ability of AWS to meet the requirements of enterprise-level clients. With AWS, you will gain the confidence you need to securely run your business.


AWS is the gold standard of cloud computing for itsperformance, innovation, reliability, and security. For almost two decades, AWS has been delivering cloud services to millions of users running a wide variety of use cases. Indisputably, AWS has the most operational experience, at a greater scale, of any cloud computing solution provider.


If you’re building a business from the bottom and starting fresh with the cloud, AWS provides all the necessary tools for construction. Or if you’re moving an existing infrastructure to the cloud, Amazon provides inexpensive migration services for a seamless transition. AWS has got you covered for both situations. 


As your company scales up, AWS provides resources and tools to aid in expansion. Whether you’re scaling up or scaling down, no worries as AWS can handle data and applications in different volumes. With its flexibility, users will never have to stress about their computing usage.


With AWS, you can take advantage of the latest technologies to experiment and innovate more quickly. Amazon is continually developing and investing in AWS services and offerings. It’s constantly accelerating its pace of innovation to invent entirely new technologies that you can use to transform and expand your business.


AWS’s cost is modified based on the user’s usage. It offers a ‘pay as you go model’, which means you are billed for the hours used.If a resource is used for an hour, you’ll be charged only for only a single hour and not more. So, if you don’t use a resource, you don’t have to pay for it.

Why Choose eNest AWS Engineers?

Finding the best AWS engineersis challenging as this domainrequires specific knowledge and a broad skill set.If you’re looking for a cloud expert, he or sheshould be competent to build, design, and manage cloud-based applications and services using AWS.

At eNest, you can be assured that our experienced AWS engineers can leverage the power of AWS-managed services and cloud infrastructure to support your business.

You can trust eNest AWS engineers to build a strong structure from the bottom and start fresh with the cloud,migrate your existing infrastructure to the cloud, adapt application architecture, aid the expansion of your business, and boost the security of your existing AWS solutions.


eNest AWS engineers know that running a fast application in AWS starts with outstanding architecture design and good software implementation – and then it’s delivered by using and configuring the right AWS components. eNest AWS engineers understand these requirements and have wide-ranging experience in building high-performing applications in the AWS cloud.


When it comes to security, AWS is a shared responsibility framework, and without security in place, nothing else in your application matters. AWS providesstrong security mechanisms, and eNest AWS engineersare knowledgeable about how to use them. We have solid knowledge and experience implementing AWS security best practices.


AWS offers the largest variety of databases that are purpose-built for various types of applications, and eNest AWS engineers know how to choose the right tool for the job to get the best cost and performance.eNest AWS engineers are trained to implement good judgment to ensure good cost management. We know all the factors that affect AWS pricing for the services we’re working with.

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