PHONEWAGON: Call Tracking Software for Marketers to Track Metrics
eNest helps PhoneWagon startup to design, develop and launch a SaaS model software based on their idea and/ or requirements
One of the researchers found that prospects who called and then decided to make a purchase spent up to five times longer on the phone. By connecting a phone conversation with a subsequent online purchase, businesses learned what signified a positive customer conversation for them. They were then able to segment and listen to those calls, allowing them to identify consumers who will potentially go on to purchase and improve how these calls are handled.

To achieve the above goal, businesses need to track all of the phone calls that they receive and the source of the phone calls. This will be done by tracking phone numbers, which they need to acquire with one click after entering the desired area code of the phone number. After that, they need to attribute the campaign that this phone number is being used to know how their phone calls and marketing campaigns are performing. The business also needs to have basic phone capabilities like call forwarding, call routing, hold, call tracking, smart caller id, etc.

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PhoneWagon founded in 2017, is beautiful and straightforward call tracking software that helps businesses improve their marketing spend by placing unique local phone numbers on each of their different marketing campaigns. Businesses can turn off campaigns that aren’t working, and for the campaigns that are working; they can quickly test new ads to improve ROI further.

PhoneWagon best suits small businesses searching for an online call tracking software to comprehend their client manner and observe the development of their marketing campaigns. PhoneWagon additionally permits organizations to speak with clients through instant messages, both automated and manually.

Client Profile

Ryan Shank, Founder & CEO of PhoneWagon is very creative and often thinks outside the box to stay ahead of the curve, and he has a goal to launch a beautiful web-based phone system and SaaS product targeting SMBs.

Client Requirement

This project’s main objective is to give small businesses an easy to use phone system that has call analytics to win more jobs and reduce the number of missed calls and missed revenue. This will be a SaaS offering and sold on a subscription basis. This platform will use the existing Twilio call API for Call tracking.

Many small businesses are not using Salesforce. They just aren’t. This product will give them a phone system and light CRM to keep track of their phone calls and their employees’ performance. Right now, 30% of phone calls go unanswered, and that amounts to billions in lost revenue. We want to give businesses insight into this and give them the best phone product on the market.

Business Situation

Even there are lots of ‘call tracking software’ available in the market; the major goal of this product success is by having a beautiful product that is easy to use since the businesses that will be using this software are not that tech-savvy. The PhoneWagon solution offers everything with a single click.

The initial plan is to sell this software to 5 million small businesses in the US. Every business has to have a phone system. A lot of them are using outdated hardware and either no software or outdated software. A couple of cloud software companies are going after space, but no one is targeting very small SMBs for inbound calls.

PhoneWagon is a world-class VOIP product with marketing analytics targeting SMBs who receive inbound calls is the first step. PhoneWagon products can be used by various industries, including restaurants, bike shops, massage therapists, plumbers, roofers, salons, spas, spin studios, yoga studios, chiropractors, pilates, and fitness studios, physical therapists, etc.


PhoneWagon is a cloud-based phone system. By simply subscribing to a suitable plan, businesses can purchase their phone number either local or toll-free. Businesses can easily configure their purchased phone number to their direct line where they want to forward that call and create their campaign for that phone number. Once everything was set up, our tool supports the various features including call forwarding, call routing, hold, call tracking, smart caller id.

Whenever a customer calls the phone number set up in the campaign, our tool automatically transfers that call to the given forward number and starts recording that call and stores it on the server. If the agent is not available for pickup the call, it will automatically go to a voicemail that means plays inbuilt IVR.

As an owner of the business, the user can easily track individual agents’ sales performance and which campaign generates more leads. Apart from call forwarding, a sales agent can also use this tool to send a text message to the customers. Twilio Messaging gateway was used to implement all these text and IVR systems into this tool.

Features Offered

Phone Numbers: Our platform allows us to set up local, toll-free and international numbers in less than 30 seconds. The small business will drive more phone calls to their business from local customers because they feel more comfortable knowing that business in their area. Businesses that operate nationally or need to show the national presence, they can use a toll-free number. Businesses can also set up International phone numbers to track their campaigns throughout the world. Twilio API was used to manage all these local, international and toll-free numbers.

Dynamic Numbers: Businesses can easily swap the phone numbers on their website depending on the traffic source. PhoneWagon platform will provide rich, session-level and even keyword-level data about the visitors who call from the website and submit it into your analytics platform.

Call Flows: In-built drag and drops call flow builder allows businesses to create their custom call flow or different type of call flows designed in less than a minute. Our tool supports the different call flows, including Call Forwarding, Simultaneous Ring, Sequential Flow, IVR, Round Robin, Hosted voicemail, Blank flow, and Prevent voicemail.

Call Tracking: Our tool will automatically record the call when the customer calls that phone number. Call recording makes it simple to generate leads.

Outbound Calls Using Softphone: With Softphone, the user can use their browser and computer’s microphone to place calls directly from the browser.

Whisper Message: A whisper message is a short message that plays before the person answering the phone before they’re connected to the caller (User can have the ability to write text or upload mp3 files for a whisper message).

Greeting Message: A greeting is an audio message that the caller plays before their call is connected. (A user can have the ability to write text or upload mp3 files for messages).

Reporting: PhoneWagon’s beautiful reporting dashboard lets businesses visualize their phone calls and see which marketing campaigns are working best. Users can view and analyze call data by source, page, keyword, duration, and more.

Real Time Reporting: PhoneWagon’s beautiful real-time reporting dashboard gives you insight into exactly what’s happening with you and your customers. See the phone calls as they come in, listen to call recordings, and tag them as good or bad. Moreover, a custom call analytics dashboard gives you an ability to see the caller’s full details, listen to call recording and download it, tag the call, add custom notes to the caller data, and block the caller number if it is bad.

Advanced Reporting: Advanced Reporting feature of PhoneWagon shows the source-level and keyword-level data. With a robust reporting section, Businesses can easily analyze all of their phone call data by source, keyword, campaign, page, and more.

Powerful Integrations: Our platform integrated with many other platforms like CRM, Reporting Software, Slack that will help you to transfer your PhoneWagon calls and text messages to your desired CRM, Reporting or communication platform.

Robust Public API: Our platform will also come with an open API that allows your integration with PhoneWagon platform.

Custom Notifications: PhoneWagon’s custom notification feature allows businesses to set up and customize the notification they would like to receive, such as new call notifications, missed call notification, activity summary notification. For activity summary notification, businesses can set up a notification for daily, weekly or monthly summaries.

Messaging/ Conversation: PhoneWagon platform allows businesses to communicate with their customers via SMS/ MMS. And all those conversations are shared between all the members of your team. So any one of your team members can respond to inbound customer text messages.

Agency Level Features: PhoneWagon platform was designed to support both individual marketers and companies and agencies. Agencies that are subscribed for the PhoneWagon’s platform will get additional features like managing users and their permissions. Each newly added user will get their login with different permission to access that agency’s features in the platform.


  • Dynamic Script: Every website has its way of configuration. To generate the customer’s dynamic script to place on their website is the biggest challenge for us, eNest team has done a lot of R&D work and tested many use cases to develop the common solution that supports a different system.
  • White Label: PhoneWagon’s platform is also available on the white label format in which businesses can subscribe and promote the software on their brand. eNest added many authentication layers for security.
  • Call Flow: eNest faced a lot of challenges when implementing simultaneous calling. This problem was solved by implementing the custom press 1 rule for preventing the voice mail.

eNest Team

Location: Mohali, Punjab
Partnership Period: August 2016 – Present
Team Size: 3
Team Location: Mohali, Punjab


Product Development from Scratch, Testing, UI design and Product Launch


Server: AWS (Amazon EC2 WebService)

Front end technologies: ASP.NET MVC, JQuery, Knockoutjs, CSS, Bootstrap, Requirejs

Backend: ASP.NET Web API, Dependency Injection(using Ninject), OAuth, Entity Framework

Database: SQL

Third party Integration: Twilio for SMS and Voice, Highchart js, MailChimp, Google Analytics, Google Ad-words, Salesforce, Hubspot, Zapier, and Slack

Payment Gateway: Stripe

Things Learned

Cloud Formation & Security Improvement. Deployment with Dockerization application.

Key Customer Value

    • Suitable for all type of small businesses.


    • Easy & beautiful navigation which can be understand by non technical person.


    • Track Marketing spends by analyzing which marketing campaigns are worth investing money in.


  • Easy way to know which campaign generate high quality leads.


Project Team (L to R): Kamal Singh, Param Singh, Jagdeep Chawla

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