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eNest helps Assurex Global to maintain and add enhancement features to their existing system
From the beginning of an Insurance Application to the Underwriting to the Placement, susceptible data is exchanged regularly. For many years, brokers have been using insurance company extranets as their transaction, trading and communication tools, with proprietary interfaces and forms. Since brokers typically have their in-house or off-the-shelf business software solutions as well, data entered into an insurance company’s extranet then has to be re-entered into the broker’s back-end information systems. As each tool is specific, brokers can only master a limited number of extranets and have been restricted to working with a small number of insurance companies.

The numbers of compliance regulations for insurance carriers governing data security, especially during file transfers, are demanding. Protecting company data is absolutely critical. Improve data flow between brokers and insurance companies while eliminating double data entry tasks for brokers.

Restore independence and value-add to brokers through the adoption of an industry-wide secure and scalable data exchange platform. Assurex Global’s Passport system helps their partners solve the complex problem of file sharing by providing an all in one file sharing and reliable communication suite.

eNest Development Team

About Passport

Established in 1954, Assurex Global is an exclusive Partnership of the most conspicuous autonomous specialists and intermediaries worldwide. Assurex Global’s blend of global reach and local expertise encourages you to explore the changing insurance scene with certainty.

Assurex Global is the world’s most significant privately held business insurance, risk management, and employee benefits brokerage group. Assurex Global’s restrictive programming ‘Passport’ gives and document sharing and collaboration system for their accomplices.

Client Profile

Ryan Deeds is vice president, innovation and data management for Assurex Global. Ryan is a steady student of innovation and is enthusiastic about the job that technology will play in giving answers for the insurance/brokerage space for what’s to come. He has 16 years of active insurance/brokerage innovation experience and a great eminence across the insurance business.

Client Requirement

This project’s primary purpose is to help the client in maintaining their existing system to work correctly. It aims to provide an additional enhancement feature implementation without affecting their current system feature and functionality.

Business Situation

Today file sharing is as common as your mobile phone. It’s a daily activity for small and large businesses. Especially in the insurance industry, large volumes of information and files will be seamlessly exchanged between insurance companies and brokerage firms through file sharing platforms.

As digital data capture and processing solutions and Web Services are adopted to replace data entry on proprietary tools industry-wide, brokers can propose new services, based on modern technologies, to their customers.

Passportsystem provides flexibility and makes the market more dynamic. It will bring great benefit to both the insurance companies and the brokers, and as a result, superior service to the customers, which is the primary vocation of the insurance brokerage field

Why Passport?

Passport is proprietary software by Assurex Global that provides file sharing and collaboration platforms for their partners to share files between their team and organization. Users can apply different permission to access the files stored in the system and assign/ raise issues to their team members to rectify. Passport system is designed in the way to support a different kind of roles such as System Admin, Partner Admin, Passport Full Access User, Passport Client Users, Passport Limited Access Users, Passport Submissions And Issues Access Users, Passport Limited with Submissions Access Users and Passport Users with Submissions Only. This system consists of the following three parts.

Passport Administrative Service:This part of the system works like a management console where the entire firm and their users are managed and are part of Assurex Global. Each registered firm is called “Partner” and the users added under them are called ‘Account’.

Passport Service: In this part, Users can make their own account/team, and other users can be added to this team as a member of the team. Each account/team member has specific permissions to use the account. Account has two parts.
  • Briefcase: Briefcase of account has files that can be shared between account members. They (account members) can use/ access files as per their permission. They have publish files, download files and many other file services. Other documents are also taken into account like contacts, links, submissions, and issues.
  • Account: All the things need to manage the account, and its members can be done in this part.
Passport Client Service: In this part, Passport Client users can use the published document of any account if they are a member of that account. They can view and download the published documents if they have permissions.

Features Offered

Implementing functionality of Recycle Bin: In this task, eNest implements the functionality when a user deletes a file/folder from the account’s briefcase and then goes to Recycle Bin. From there, the user can either restore the file/folder to its position in a briefcase or go with permanent delete.

Implementing Schedule delete for Item in Recycle Bin: In this task, eNest has implemented the functionality that the Content of Recycle Bin gets automatically deleted permanently after a fixed interval.

Implementing functionality of any account having multiple Admin: In this task, eNest has implemented the feature of any account having multiple admins.

Implementing Cascade Permission on files and folders: In this task, eNest has implemented Cascading permissions on folders while it was removed or added, i.e. when the User is removing permissions from any parent folder then the permissions for children folders gets removed automatically.

Publish files for Client: In this, eNest has implemented the functionality to publish files that have been seen by Client Users.

Implement User Report: Implement User Report based on their role under the Passport system. The roles that have access to this report are Partner Admin, Affiliation Admin, Passport Broker, and Passport Client.

Implement Import Users to Partner: In this, eNest has implemented the features to import Users information using Xls file under partner. With this feature’s help, multiple users can be registered under a partner account of the system easily.

Ability of Members to Copy files/Folders: In this task, eNest has implemented the ability for User to copy either files or folders within/outside the account.

Improved look for email Notifications: That was automatically triggered while adding a new user to a team, adding a new file to the briefcase, adding members to the team, raising an issue, making an announcement.

Import from Xls: Ability to import partners in the Affiliation side using Xls.

Electronic Signature: Ability for partners to sign an agreement under the affiliation Application.


The major challenge we faced is while implementing Recycle Bin functionality. First, we implemented & tested it like a Windows Recycle Bin. But it lacks in some cases like when you delete children folder and parent folder separately. If we try to restore only the child folder, the problem is where it will go as its parent folder is already in the Recycle Bin.

eNest handles these challenges in the way by implementing a ‘Trash’ folder like Google Drive where all the deleted files and folders are transferred to ‘Trash’ folder.

eNest Team

Location: Mohali, Punjab
Partnership Period: Jan 2019 – Present
Team Size: 3
Team Location: Mohali, Punjab


Maintenance and Enhancement Feature Development and Deployment


Front end technologies: JavaScript,JQuery,

Backend: VB.Net

Database: SQL Server

Things Learned

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Key Customer Value

    • Improved data accuracy and elimination of double data entry.


    • Able to manage multiple formats to accommodate insurance companies and brokers.


    • Simple to update data between agent and underwriter.


    • Easy to Use.


    • Automates and manages file transfers via a browser-based dashboard.


    • Centralizes file transfer processes to control file access.


    • Streamlines document workflows and administration.


    • Controls intra- and inter-company access to data, especially during transfer.


Project Team (L to R): Kamal Singh, Param Singh, Jagdeep Chawla

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