eNest helps Etteo to maintain and add enhancement features to their existing system to fulfil their customer needs
ETTEO is an innovative order and field management platform for home service organizations. Built on over 20 years of industry experience, forefront innovation, and a demonstrated history of progress, ETTEO’s group is driving the best approach to disrupt the business and give progressive redesigning.

eNest Development Team


ETTEO Technology, LLC. is a software and managed services technology company specializing in bringing evolution and innovation to the home services industry. Etteo, LLC is located in Alpharetta, GA, United States and is part of the Information Technology Services Industry.

Client Profile

Andrew Evans is Director of IT Services in ETTEO.

Client Requirement

This platform’s primary objective is to help the client maintain their existing system to work correctly. It even aims to provide an additional enhancement feature implementation without affecting their current system feature and functionality.

Business Situation

ETTEO: ETTEO is the top-level entity of the platform.

SERVICE COMPANY:SERVICE COMPANY (aka Licensee) is the customer of ETTEO. This is the entity that is paying to use the platform and manage their business. The SERVICE COMPANY will manage its relationships with CLIENTs and SERVICE PROVIDERs.

SERVICE PROVIDER: SERVICE PROVIDER is a PAYABLE entity contracting to the SERVICE COMPANY. The SERVICE PROVIDER may have multiple RESOURCEs or maybe a RESOURCE itself. SERVICE PROVIDERs can work for numerous Service Companies.

RESOURCE: A RESOURCE is an ASSIGNABLE Entity that is considered an ‘asset’ of the SERVICE PROVIDER and the individual who does the actual work. They exist in the ETTEO Platform for route assignment and job tracking. THE SERVICE PROVIDER manages them. RESOURCEs can work for multiple SERVICE PROVIDERs.

CLIENT: The CLIENT is the customer of the SERVICE COMPANY. ETTEO will be responsible for the CLIENT’s technical relationship in terms of integration, but otherwise, the CLIENT relationship is managed by the SERVICE COMPANY.

CONSUMER: CONSUMER is the recipient of the provided service. They may be the customer of the SERVICE COMPANY or the CLIENT.


ETTEO is a platform for service providers to serve services to their customers efficiently and timely manner. ETTEO provides two types of solutions :

ETTEO Portal : ETTEO Portal allow service providers to see Real-Time Reporting, Manage their network with other service providers and contractors, Manage their Technicians, Manage history for customers, Auto Scheduling and Routing of Services to Technicians, Optimization of Routes for Technicians.

ETTEO Mobile App : The ETTEO Tech mobile application is intended to support professionals in the field and works related to the ETTEO Platform. It permits professionals to view their courses, update orders, track part data, capture reports, and access relevant customer history.

Features Offered

REAL-TIME REPORTING: Configurable and customizable tools that help in performance and cost-efficiency analysis

  • Deal with ALL contracted professionals and employees
  • Oversee by tech, market, product, service, date, part(s)
  • Customer data
  • Part management
  • Service history
  • Cycle time management

NETWORK MANAGEMENT: Easily track employees and contractors in your organization and through the on-boarding process

  • Computerized background processing
  • Administrators can easily add and remove users on the ETTEO platform and designate levels of security
  • Employees can be configured and customized by:
    1. Line of Business
    2. Capacity
    3. Capability
    4. Availability
    5. Market activation/deactivation
    6. Black out dates/times (Time Off)
  • View a history of all customers, services, and purchases

SERVICE PROVIDER: SERVICE PROVIDER is a PAYABLE entity contracting to the SERVICE COMPANY. The SERVICE PROVIDER may have multiple RESOURCEs or maybe a RESOURCE itself. SERVICE PROVIDERs can work for multiple Service Companies.


  • Reschedule numerous positions in only a few clicks and send a personalized text/email message to all clients affected.
  • Reschedule a service technician or an entire market
  • At the point when different tradesman is required, automatically schedule on demand
  • Each extra service(s) will follow the completed service(s) naturally or manual override
  • Finished job scheduling significantly increases efficiencies for quicker completion and process duration
  • Maximum route optimization
  • Orders went into the ETTEO Platform, are consequently routed to the assigned service provider by capability, capacity and accessibility
  • View routing logs
  • View real-time in route
  • Manual override
  • Increased productivity by 38%
  • Manual Routing through an intuitive click-and-drag interface
  • Visual Mapping empowers the client immediate visual feedback while routes are made within a specific market
  • Drop-in high need or extra work orders


  • Professionals see routes pushed down to their mobile phones. This gives the tech vision to everyone or just a couple at a time.
  • Routes can be scheduled for release, or they can be manually triggered.
  • User’s receive Push Notifications to their device when a route has been added, modified or removed.
  • From the routing screen, users are given a high-level view of the details of each stop.
  • Users can quickly contact a customer and navigate to the destination directly from this view as well.


  • Information logged by the technician (technician notes become part of the customer record).
  • Public notes entered through the portal (additional information for the technician to see, e.g. gate codes, disabilities of the customer, customer concerns).


eNest faces a lot of challenges while implementing a solution for ETTEO. Whenever there was any challenge, eNest planned accordingly and tried to find the best and suitable approach before starting implementation. Here are a few challenges.

  • AutoRouting: Developed a logic to assign service to technicians based on Technicians availability, skills, distance calculation and a lot of other parameters.
  • Increased Performance: Increased Performance of Reports by optimizing SQL Queries, Load on Demand Data from large data sets, Used Proper Indexes in SQL.

eNest Team

Location: Mohali, Punjab
Partnership Period: March 2020 – Present
Team Size: 4
Team Location: Mohali, Punjab


Maintenance and Enhancement Feature Development and Deployment


Front end technologies: Angular,HTML,CSS and Material

Backend: C#,Asp.Net Core,Identity Server

Database: MS Sql Server,CosmoDB

Third Party Integrations: Twilio,OneSignal,HelloSign

Things Learned

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Key Customer Value

    • Suitable for both type of service providers (Individual & Organization).


    • Helps clients to manage the records of the service.


  • Provide Quick response to their customer service request.


Project Team (L to R): Kamal Singh, Param Singh, Jagdeep Chawla

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