Balancing Algorithms and Data


The Trade-off Between Advanced AI/ML Models and Simple Linear/Logistic Regressions for Accuracy Understanding the Algorithms Older complex machine learning uses tons of data to train AI. For example, a popular computer-vision data set known as MNIST, designed to train models to read human handwriting, contains 60,000 handwritten images from 0 to 9. Models like ChatGPT […]

OCR and AI in Cargo Tracking: Real-Time Visibility

The worldwide air freight market will reach USD 133.47 billion, a considerable increase compared to USD 66.6 billion in 2021. The annual growth rate is projected to be 10.3%. With such growth in the volume of transported goods, automatization will shift from luxury to everyday necessity. In this article, we shall discuss how optical character […]

OCR in Document Management for Aviation Companies

According to discussions on the professional pilot forum PPRuNe, flying makes up a fourth of a pilot’s duties. The rest is paperwork. Besides pushing the panel buttons and navigating the airplane through the clouds, as we see in the cinema, a pilot should perform tons of calculation and analytics tasks, which require an extreme level […]

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